Top 5 autism tips for professionals: Paediatric dentistry

In this article, Dr Wendy Bellis, specialist paediatric senior dental officer for Camden and Islington (Whittington Health) provides her top five tips on the subject of paediatric dentistry. Dr Bellis has also written an article on the subject "ASD and paediatric dentistry" for Network Autism. 

Top Five tips:

Paediatric dentistry 

  1. Early contact with appropriate dental services.
  2. Dentists need to learn new ways of managing behaviour in the dental surgery.
  3. A pre-appointment questionnaire is essential.
  4. All advice and support needs to be “bespoke”! 
  5. Sensory issues need to be fully considered.

Dr Bellis will be discussing more on this topic at the National Autistic Society’s Professional Conference in March next year, further information can be found here.

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Author: Dr Wendy Bellis

Date added: 12 November 2014