Top 5 autism tips for professionals: transitioning from education to employment

In this article Graham Quinn, Executive Principal of the New Bridge Group, gives his top 5 tips on supporting young people in the transition from education and employment.

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Top 5 tips

Transitioning from education to employment

1. Within school, introduce and reinforce the concept of employment from the earliest possible time.

2. Employ specialist staff to work with businesses and the young people.

3. Ensure the curriculum has ‘employment golden threads’ running through it.

4. Set up a Director/Governor Transition Board to monitor and evaluate each individual learner.

5. Externally promote the achievements of the young people who are volunteering and in paid employment at every possible occasion.

These top tips are meant only a very general guide to what to think about. You can find further information on this subject below.

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Author: Graham Quinn

Date added: 5 October 2015