Women and girls on the autism spectrum conference 2017 - presentations

The National Autistic Society’s women and girls on the autism spectrum conference took place in November 2017. Below is a list of presentations featured in the programme, for delegates who attended and anyone else you may be interested.


Autism Behind the Mask Introduction - Dr Judith Gould and Holly Judge

Autism Behind the Mask - Part 1. Autism in Pink group

Autism Behind the Mask - part 2. Autism in Pink group

Autistic women and mental health - practical strategies and support. Ella Tabb

Missed or misdiagnosis, girls and women on the autism spectrum, diagnosis, education and support. Dr Judith Gould and Jacqui Ashton Smith

NAS new W&G Online training model – brief overview and learnings, Rachel Townson and Lorraine MacAlister

Pregnancy, motherhood and menopause on the autism spectrum - the hidden population. Lana Grant

Self-esteem builders for autistic girls. Robyn Steward

The Hidden Voices. Listening and responding to autistic women balancing parenthood, employment and study, practical solutions. Becky Dowley

Twitter storify

Network Autism attended the conference where we live tweeted from presentations at the event. You can catch up with all the tweets in our storify below.

We also hosted a Twitter Q&A on autism, women and girls, in which we were joined by Dr Judith Gould, Rachel Townson and Lorraine MacAlister, the day before the conference, which you can also catch up on here.

Date added: 23 November 2017