Autism passport

Many older autistic people do not receive support or advocacy, over the years, many have learned to mask their autistic traits, so they are not obvious and others may fail to recognise or accept them. These “hidden” problems can place people with autism at a disadvantage in situations where their health, welfare or employment needs are being evaluated. 

The new “Passport to individual autism support” is a simple, at a glance document which explains the communication, sensory and support needs of the individual carrying it. It is designed to be carried by adults who find it difficult to explain their needs when in stressful situations, such as meetings and interviews.

The passport can be filled in easily and can be presented in any situation, to social, health or employment professionals. This will inform them of the specific needs of the individual and help them make the necessary adjustments to deliver a tailored and effective service.

You can download a copy of the autism passport here

Author: The National Autistic Society

Date added: 8th November 2013