Children’s Commissioner of Wales, autism, disability, education, transition, adulthood, young people
10 Jul 2018

The BBC examines the results of a new report from the Children’s Commissioner of Wales which explores the experiences of young people with learning disabilities, and those with a diagnosis of autism, durin...

Network Autism, autism, education, mental capacity, eating, university,
06 Jul 2018

Here is a roundup of all the new and exclusive articles and interviews added to Network Autism in June.


exclusions, autism and exclusions, national autistic society, network autism, education, autism education
04 Jul 2018

The National Autistic Society is intervening in a legal case brought by the parents of a autistic boy, known as ‘L’, who was excluded from school because of his behaviour. However, that behaviour w...

Autism Together, wristband, technology, autism, anxiety
03 Jul 2018

The BBC reports on a wristband which aims to support autistic people by...

Sonia Boue, autism, ageing, diagnosis, masking,
02 Jul 2018

A personal blog by Sonia Boue, a late diagnosed autistic woman, explores her...


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