Autistic Musicians Protection Society

Hi everybody, 

I'm looking for advice and support for my new project. I'm diagnosed Aspergers, OCD and ADHD. I’m also currently a BA HONS Music Business 3rd year student going on to do MA next year at Westminster. As part of my final year at my current university, ICMP, I must deliver a service, product or company successfully. 

I already have a profitable company/brand called ATR or All The Rage so I decided to embrace my autistic side and created a service called AMPS or Autistic Musicians Protection Society. AMPS is a free, not for profit service for people at all levels of talent, age and geographical location who encounter ASD as part of their musical careers or environments. We want to work with the whole spectrum of ASD and people from the biggest artists to the children with a special interest in music.

It's core objectives is to work within the autism support network and the professional music industry to offer advice, guidance, support, education, problem solving and awareness for both autistic musicians and the professional companies that will engage with them. The deliverables will be arranging events locally and nationally to encourage clients to meet each other and have some social interaction with each other. I already have a primitive website and an active social media presence which will grow with active bloggers, webinars and connectivity exercises for people who find being in social environments to easy. 

Along with that I am planning educational visits to colleges/universities with music programs to create awareness of the importance of autism and how to handle autistic musicians in all situations. There is so much of society we can integrate in but as with all start-ups’ I need to offer quality. My biggest flaw is that although I have ASD, I am not somebody to offer any solid advice other than what works for me. In this new field I will need to export behaviour issues to more expert people, however I am more than qualified to deal with issues on the complexity of the music industry. 

Is there a person or professional entity that would be willing to support my organisation in the answering of subjective issues that are outside of my scope and more importantly is there anyone to avoid advice from? Any support I can generate will be wholly received. Any connections I make will be managed responsibly as AMPS grows into the organisation it deserves. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your opinions and your feedback.

Karl Mulgrew