Therapy networks and movement therapy

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Jane Franklyn
Jane Franklyn


Hi there,

I am brand new to your network, and excited to get to know people here. 

I am about to qualify in Autism Movement therapy and would like to know if there is any advice about networks of professionals working with alternative therapies? For example Drama therapy, art therapy and how I would go about getting in touch? 

Just for background info I am a dance teacher running an inclusive dance school and mum to Charlie, 6, who is autistic. 

Jane x

March 22, 2017 - 1:30pm

Hi Jane and welcome to the site! 

I'm not aware of any specific networks for those working in alternative therapies, certainly not specific to autism. We have a groups section on the site where you can join existing groups or set up your own interest groups. You may want to create a group around this and we could help to promote it to our members for you. 

We have one exisitng group on autism and creativity which you may find of interest. 

I'll also compiled some articles from the site around the subject of autism and creativity/art/design:

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I hope you find these and the site of interest and hopefully others maybe able to give you more guidance on other alternative therapies networks.