Autism and anxiety in school: interview with Jude Ragan

Jude Ragan was a Head Teacher at Queensmill School and taught a Masters’ Degree Course in SEN/Autism which is based at the school and accredited by Roehampton University. She has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship at London Institute for Education and an OBE, both for services to autism education, and is a Trustee for Autistica. In this interview Jude discusses autism and anxiety in school.

Jude kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism when she attended the NAS Professional conference in March this year. We asked her a series of questions, you can view the full interview or clips of the individual questions below.

Full interview:

Individual question clips:

  1. Can you tell us how you first became interested in autism? 
  2. Can you tell us more about your current work? 
  3. What are the main causes of anxiety in autistic children in school? 
  4. How can we recognise anxiety in an autistic child? 
  5. How can teachers and support staff help relieve or prevent anxiety in school?
  6. You won an Observer Food Monthly award in 2015 for the work you and chef Lucio did in transforming mealtimes at Queensmill School. Can you tell us more about this?
  7. How can staff support parents/carers in preventing anxiety in their children?

Author: Jude Ragan

Date added: 1 June 2016