Autism and mental health - a personal account

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Ella Tabb has written an article for us discussing her mental health difficulties prior to her autism diagnoses in her 30s. She explores how unmasking and strategies such as mindfulness and energy accounting have helped to improve her mental health.

Does Ella's experience of mental health difficulties mirror those of autistic people you have worked with, particularly those with a late diagnosis?



March 12, 2018 - 3:01pm


Hi, we are in the process of developing an autism service in |Nigeria with target of reaching out to the wider African region in future.

Right now, we are engaging professionals who would be willing to share ideas and answer questions on our soon coming social media set up to create awareness of who we are, what autism is the common co morbidities. How it affects individuals, families and society at large, how to the debunk myths and stereotypes and or stigmas associated with this condition.

contributors would be helping us educate a populace that have upheld traditional views and innuendos to the detriment of individuals living with disability.

the society needs awareness and political policy restructuring that will recognise individuals living with conditions like autism.

We want to begin to engage the populace with facts and scientific findings, to arouse the sharing of knowledge and information so as to advocate for a better life for individuals affected in any way by this condition.


The volunteers would be posting therapeutic experiences, interventions and knowledge based answers to questions we might encounter that our team might not be able to answer as we acknowledge that no one knows it all especially when it come to Autism and other related neurodivergent conditions

contact me on 07877583812,

March 12, 2018 - 3:35pm

Hi Plimoh

Your request would be better posted in our Upcoming Events and Notices section as this discussion thread is specifically to discuss Ella's article and mental health difficulties in autistic people. 

You might find this article on autism and stigma interesting: 

The National Autistic Society has some good information about autism that you might also find useful:



Kunal Khatri

July 10, 2018 - 9:12am

Hello Friends,

Need your help for my daughter ( 6 Years old ) who is diagnosed with mild autism.

We are migrating to Hungry and looking for assistance in terms of her Speech and ABA  therapy etc.

The initial biggest challenge for her is she is nonverbal yet. She can speak a few words only.  

Could any of you suggest a good center for her?

Thanks for your help.