Suggestion for Adult Autism Pathway Improvement to Diagnosis




I would like to suggest an improvement be made to the adult autism pathway.


I would like to see a mandatory interview and follow up for joined-up care to reduce suicides. Most of you have gather that most of the care is on the other side of a diagnosis of ASD. And with it all the statutory requirements.

There have been alarming statistics of people with autism (self diagnose or otherwise) losing their lives to suicide.

I'm guessing even if they have been asked if they are feeling suicidal. My thoughts are that regular checks are shrouded by the social disability itself. For how can you effectively convey feeling when either; can not recognise them, can not convey them correctly; or cannot guage that you have not convey them correctly.


I think this can be improved by the following after a patient is referred for an autism assessment. The doctor receives the following automated prompts.

  • A health check to determine needs;
  • Signposting for counseling, numbers to call, the choice of coming in to use a quiet room in the doctors surgery to make a call(option of face to face, or phone based, or another accessible medium)
  • choice of Adult care assessments
  • be given A social care advocate with the above


I hope this make sense and would like to hear feedback on this suggestion.