Wearable Technology

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Imam Islam


Hello, my name is Imam and I'm doing a research on Wearable device and communication. So far I know that many people on the autism spectrum are socially isolated and at the same time struggle to communicate. I was wondering what else is there to be considered to help this community and what sort of solution you think is needed?

May 03, 2019 - 1:10pm

 Google Glass will have no impact on gaming. It's not designed for that. 

The display from Google Glass is not "full screen", but just a small area off to the side of your eye. You can still see it the information displayed while not interfering with your main field of vision. 

Systems like The Occulus Rift are designed for gaming as they're a wearable replacement for your monitor. However they are not designed to let you go walking down the street while using them. 

Google Glass won't make traditional computers any more obsolete than the invention of the aircraft made cars obsolete.Best Smartwatches 2019