The use of virtual worlds in classroom for children on the autism spectrum

This presentation describes a project that has recently taken place in a UK school.  The project involved the development and integration of a virtual world in a school for children on the autism spectrum.  Some findings and reflections are presented.

The presentation covered several aspects of technology for users on the autism spectrum.  Firstly, a brief overview of past projects involving technology and virtual environments are presented and discussed.  This leads into a case study that has recently been completed in a UK school involving the use of virtual worlds to help develop communication and social skills for users with autism.   The case study briefly presents the process of developing such tools in the classroom and provides some visual content (views form the virtual world).  Concluding, this presentation proposes some broad outcomes and possible future considerations.

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Author: Nigel Newbutt, Lecturer and Researcher, University College Dublin.

Date added: 20th February 2012