Autism research: an interview with Lorcan Kenny

Lorcan Kenny is a PHD student at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE), Institute of Education UCL. Lorcan kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism when he attended the XI Autism-Europe International Congress hosted by the National Autistic Society in 2016.

In this video Lorcan discusses the various research projects he is currently involved with including a longitudinal study that has revealed some intriguing and fascinating insights into diagnosis, an educational study into transition and research looking at GP's understanding of autism.

You can view the full interview or clips of the individual questions below.

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Full Interview:

Individual interview questions:

1.    Can you tell us how you first became interested in autism?
2.    Can you tell us about your current work?
3.    How might the presentation and features of autism change as children get older?
4.    Your research has highlighted that some autistic people don’t meet the criteria for autism when assessed later in their childhood. Can you explain what this may mean for those people and the implications for diagnosis?
5.    What are the main difficulties in transitioning from a special school to a unit in a mainstream school?
6.    What does your research with GPs tell us about their current understanding of autism, and what needs to be done to improve their understanding?

Author: Lorcan Kenny

Date added: 25 November 2016