Interview with Dr Wendy Bellis: autism and dentistry

Dr Wendy Bellis is a specialist paediatric senior dental officer from Camden and Islington (Whittington Heath). She has worked with children with special needs for nearly 30 years, developing community programmes for early dental contact. For the past 15 years, Wendy's clinical work has almost exclusively been in the field of autism.

Wendy kindly agreed to be interviewed for Network Autism when she attended the NAS Professional Conference in Harrogate in March this year. We asked Wendy a series of questions; you can view the full interview or clips of the individual question clips below. 

Full interview:

Individual questions clips: 

1. Can you tell us how you became interested in autism?

2. What do you feel are the barriers for people with autism when going to the dentist?

3. What can help people with autism when visiting the dentist?

4. Can you tell us if there are any oral health issues specific to those with autism?

5. Are there steps that can be taken at home to help people with autism with oral health care?

6. Do you feel there should be autism specific training for dentists?

7. What advice do you have for professionals supporting those with autism in relation to oral health and visiting the dentist?

8. What can be done if a child is sensitive to brushing? 

Author: Wendy Bellis

Date added: 22 May 2015 

Reviewed: 27 June 2018